RAN World 2018, with TIM as Host Nation Operator Partner

09-10 October 2018
Rome, Italy

RAN World – finding solutions to network challenges

The challenges that senior network executives within mobile operators face are understood.  Efficiency and service gains are needed to get the most out of investments in today’s networks, whilst all operators also have to start preparing for the networks of tomorrow and help steer the industry to the kind of solutions that they want.

RAN World explores each of those challenges, compares different approaches to solving them and seeks to understand which technology solutions will help operators meet these challenges. The format of RAN World is designed to address the high level challenges and visions of the operators, as well as taking a deep dive to understand the truth behind the claims of different technical solutions. Offerings include those commercially available on the market, as well as the latest solutions being developed in Europe’s leading research labs.

Some of the different technologies that we will be looking at, through presentations, debates and working groups, include:


MEC offers operators a route to a host of high capacity low latency applications and service offerings and will be a necessary part of 5G – but the good news for those sceptical about the timescales for 5G is that it is ready now and is happily becoming access agnostic.  With trials and proof of concepts completed, we’ll be exploring how MEC can offer operators performance gains and new service opportunities.

SON and Orchestration

RAN World will explore the latest in active SON developments and automation, especially focussed on examples of how operators have streamlined processes and reduced costs.   Plus we’ll be exploring principles for its extension into orchestration across both physical and virtual elements of the network to bring about transformational efficiency and service gains.

Massive MIMO

When a high number of MIMO streams are implemented properly, this can result in much higher spectral efficiency overall, with 4-6 times higher overall capacity over the same spectrum.  With operators – especially in China and Japan – already deploying radio heads with high numbers of antenna, Massive MIMO is proving itself as a useful tool for the networks of today, rather than just being a 5G building block.  We’ll be exploring how operators can use Massive MIMO to greatest effect in LTE networks, as well as its role in the development of future networks.


Whilst currently the preserve of fibre-rich markets, Cloud- and Centralised-RAN approaches will become more critical as the networks evolve further and operators have to support even more use cases.  We’ll be looking at the evolution of C-RAN and how developments in virtualisation and fronthaul are creating more opportunities.

AI and Automation

As an extension of SON, RAN World will explore ways in which networks can be automated, and how far up the network it is possible to go in real time. With intense debate around the realities of placing artificial intelligence in the network, find out how operators are envisaging a move towards V-RAN

ran topics mec c-ran mmwave

Antenna Tech

Whether looking at Massive MIMO, mmWave, C-RAN…development of antenna tech is key to the success of these approaches. Combined with multi-beam approaches and moves towards active antennas, this is an area that is set to have a huge impact on both efficiency gains today and the development of tomorrow’s technologies.  We’ll be exploring new antenna tech throughout the event with additional sessions focussed on this critical area.

5G Use Cases

There is a huge amount of talk about 5G – and inevitably it will feature throughout discussions at the event.  But without considering the use cases, much of that talk is just speculation.  RAN World will focus on a number of use cases that 5G needs to address with the aim of defining requirements and understanding which of the 5G enablers are best place to support these requirements.


With a clear understanding growing of how virtualisation will apply to the radio network and how multiple tenants and multiple service types can be accommodated through slicing, we will be exploring the practical steps to virtualising the RAN and the economics of different approaches and models

Backhaul and Fronthaul

Without backhaul and fronthaul, none of it can happen.  Whilst there often seems to be a disconnect between the backhaul and RAN markets, the two are mutually dependent and backhaul/fronthaul is critical to achieving many of the new initiatives within the RAN.  One other advantage of RAN World is the seniority of our audience, who have a wide view over the whole network.  So even a RAN event can have a heavy focus on backhaul and we’ll have a dedicated backhaul/fronthaul working group as well as considering the implications of backhaul on all the technologies at the event.


mmWave promises a land of plenty for mobile operators, with super-fast speeds and the ability to offer fixed broadband wireless networks.  With a lot of work still to be done around silicon technology and understanding how to access this spectrum cost-effectively, RAN will be learning from early trial deployments.  Plus we’ll be taking a look at how the necessary spectrum is being made available in different regions


Much of the discussion around 5G has centred on building on current networks in order to optimize existing technologies and facilitate the evolution towards future capabilities. RAN World will explore some of the ways in which capabilities can be added on to current networks, and ways in which enhanced networks can supported efficiencies, both financially and technically.

Opensource vs. Standardisation

Amidst the debate around 5G and new technologies is the ever-present discussion around whether these developments should be opensource or standardised. While both approaches offer advantages, many operators and vendors alike are hindered by the potential limitations they represent.  

"...one of the best conferences I’ve been to in the last few years, due to the content and speakers I met. A combination of amazingly deep content and knowledgeable speakers really made a difference."

Dr Michael Fritsch, Telecommunications and Technology

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