RAN World 2018, with TIM as Host Nation Operator Partner

09-10 October 2018

Interview with Mansoor Hanif

In the context of RAN, how are operators like BT optimising their network for 5G?

The current focus is on standards, lab testing, proof-of-concepts and preparation for field trials. Through these activities we are building a blueprint of how the current LTE-Advanced Pro network can be enhanced through 5G RAN and also how the overall architecture of the network should evolve to make the most of this.

What are the greatest obstacles you’re facing when planning to evolve networks towards 5G?

In the UK it is quite complex, difficult and expensive to upgrade radio sites with new frequencies so the physical implementation of the antennas will be a big challenge. If spectrum auctions are delayed as some networks are threatening legal action this would cause a further delay to when this work can begin. Moving to a completely virtualized network infrastructure will also be a big challenge from the operations perspective.

What technologies do you feel play a vital role in the evolution of next generation networks?

Dynamic beamforming, MEC, D2D, C-V2X, Meshed Networks, NFV, Containerisation and Network slicing reinforcing each other, Programmable solutions

How does convergence play a role in meeting network demands?

Convergence offers more tools to meet a customers needs. At the current level of convergence those tools are not fully unlocking the full power the network can provide seamlessly to users. As we progress to fully convergent fixed/mobile Core networks and policy-based transitions the role of convergence will increase.

What do you think are the most exciting advances and technologies currently meeting some of your network development needs?

Currently we are focusing on rolling out the latest LTE-A Pro features as part of our readiness for the UK Emergency services network – these advanced features offer a range of exciting new capabilities which we are keen to expand

Where do you think the greatest future challenges are in terms of meeting your network goals? What will be required to overcome them?

Balancing a wide range of priorities quickly and efficiently, which will be overcome by quick decision-making and courage.

What do you hope to gain by attending RAN World? What are you most looking forward to?

Checking in with key partners, potential new partners and fellow MNOs in a single location at a focused event.

"...one of the best conferences I’ve been to in the last few years, due to the content and speakers I met. A combination of amazingly deep content and knowledgeable speakers really made a difference."

Dr Michael Fritsch, Telecommunications and Technology

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