RAN World 2018, with TIM as Host Nation Operator Partner

09-10 October 2018
Rome, Italy

Working groups

Discuss your challenges and share your questions with your peers and our expert speakers at RAN World 2018, on topics including:


  • How have expectations and capabilities of MEC changed in the last 12 months?
  • How advanced are trials and Proofs of Concept?
  • What new applications and service gains does MEC enable?
  • How does edge computing fit within wider network evolution plans?

SON and Orchestration

  • What are the latest developments in active SON?
  • Where are the efficiency gains of SON for operators?
  • How does SON inform orchestration of the physical and virtual network?

Massive MIMO

  • How is massive MIMO being deployed and what impact does it have on spectral efficiency?
  • What results have existing Massive MIMO deployments had?
  • How can massive MIMO be deployed in existing LTE networks, as well as form part of next generation networks?


  • How has C-RAN evolved in terms of 5G planning and current deployments?
  • How do virtualisation and fronthaul support greater opportunities for C-RAN?
  • What lessons do the early C-RAN deployments have to share? 
  • How can non-fibre rich markets capitalise on Cloud- and Centralized-RAN opportunities

AI and Automation

  • How does SON support automation of the network?
  • How can artificial intelligence be placed in the network?
  • What moves are there towards a virtualised RAN?

Antenna Tech

  • How can active antennas and multi-beam approaches impact network efficiency?
  • How will the latest antenna technologies contribute to 5G?
  • What impact do technologies such as Massive MIMO, mmWave, C-RAN have on antenna developments?


  • How are different approaches to virtualisation enabling new network capabilities for operators?
  • How can network slicing be applied and what applications does it enable?
  • How have systems been migrated to a virtualised environment?

Backhaul and Fronthaul

  • How does backhaul fit into the wider network evolution towards 5G?
  • What are the fronthaul requirements for next generation networks?
  • What are the new opportunities and requirements for backhaul as the network densifies?


  • How can new spectrum best be accessed cost effectively?
  • How can mmWave capabilities best be utilised in new spectrum?
  •  What do early trials show in mmWave?
  • How is silicon technology evolving in line with new spectrum technologies?

5G Use Cases

  • Which 5G applications show the greatest revenue and new market opportunities?
  • What new players do 5G applications bring to the market?
  • What is required in order to enable new 5G capabilities?
  • How can current network plans incorporate future 5G opportunities?


  • How can current networks be cheaply and easily optimised to be more efficient?
  • How can operators ensure they get the most longevity and use out of existing technologies and networks?
  • Who can current networks be built on, rather than replaced, to enable 5G requirements?
What financial and technical efficiencies are possible through optimising existing networks?

Opensource vs. Standardisation

  • How does an opensource vs. standardised approach impact the rate of development in next generation networks?
  • What advantages does each approach offer?
  • What are the latest developments in standards for 5G?
  • How has OpenSource impacted network evolution?

"An excellent opportunity to discuss the common challenges we all face and learn from each others experiences in a number of areas. The workshops allow specific topics to be explored further"


"...one of the best conferences I’ve been to in the last few years, due to the content and speakers I met. A combination of amazingly deep content and knowledgeable speakers really made a difference."

Dr Michael Fritsch, Telecommunications and Technology

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